The kitchen Pratese

On holiday in Prato tourists can not escape from the taste of certain dishes of this ancient land of taste!

The kitchen Prato, as in general to all of Tuscany, uses products and ingredients "poor", such as bread, wheat, pulses and oil. E 'from these primary ingredients leads to the tasty and authentic dishes of these areas, renowned throughout the world.

The bread is undoubtedly the alemento basis of the cuisine of Tuscany. In Prato, Florence as it is customary to use the bread to prepare delicious crostini with the liver, the ficattole, the panzanella, and pappa al pomodoro.

As for Prato, we can say that has real food, first of all the celery to Prato, which is prepared using the most tender dell'ortaggio and stuffed with a paste made of chicken livers, calf pulp, egg yolks and spices, fried in plenty of oil and drowned in a sauce with meat or tomato.

Turning to main courses instead consider characteristic of Prato pasta and beans, flour with black cabbage, potatoes tortelli, the rabbit rebuilt, the soup and bread ribollita, a base of carrots, black cabbage, beans, bread and aromas.

The processing of meat is a tradition of the city from the early Middle Ages, these indeed are derived buonissimi sausages as sausages and mortadella of Prato. Dish is typical of Prato such as "tegamaccio" arrichhito pork stew with blood from the slaughter.

Finally we can not fail to mention the famous "biscotti di Prato", the cantucci that drenched in vinsanto and "sugar of Wells "or" amaretti di Carmignano. "