Holidays in Montemurlo

Montemurlo is a fairly large town, 19,000 some people in the province of Prato. Tourists who decide to spend the holidays in Montemurlo will be in contact with an area rich in history, art and culture. Not only that, Montemurlo includes one of the most important natural areas of Italy, and is ideal for those who like long walks in nature, to discover the flora and fauna typical of this beautiful area.

Fractions: Albiano, Bagnolo, Fornacelle, Oste.
Name inhabitants Montemurlesi
Patron saint: Triumph of the Cross
Public holiday: May 3

A bit of history ...

Located at the foot of Mount Javello and wet from the river Agna, Montemurlo concrete is known as the Roman era, when it was touched a result of a work planning in Prato.
During the medieval period was a land of accounts and lordships, including the Guidi who had obtained the patronage of San sull'Abbazia savior in Agna.
Finally lost the chance to get a mayor, Montemurlo was first attached to Montale and as a result of Prato, who will remain tied until today, creating a real town full of villas and buildings, the most important artists, which continues to dominate the territory from the suggestive Rocca.

To visit ...

The Castle with Rocca

Located in a strategic position, the castle was built around the tenth century on an old "court" of Guidi. The building has retained its medieval structure in alberese, while continuing in the yard can admire the bell tower, tower guard walls. Inside the small church tourists notice the beautiful Our Lady of the Rosary Matteo Rosselli, el 'Assumption of John Stradano.

Side of the presbytery are the baptistery and the oratory of the Society of Corpus Dominis, while down in the cellars are the remains of high medieval tower.

The Villas of Montemurlo

Villa del Barone

This is the most famous and Montemurlo villa was built around the'500 by Baccio Valori. Inside are lavish decorations especially baroque and neoclassical and over the years has hosted famous personalities such as family time and the painter Cristiano Banti, who said the current life of Macchiaioli.

Villa Strozzi

It was the luxury residence of the powerful Florentine family of Strozzi and was the scene of the historic conspiracy against the family of Cosimo Medici. The building is made up of lines rather simple and inside the villa is a Renaissance style and testimonies of the period.

Villa Pazzi a Parugiano

Guidi of the property, it is believed that they have sold the residence to Pazzi even if you do not have some news on this. Today we have traces of ancient villa because over the years was destroyed several times even if tourists can not help but notice the chapel of the villa, fully painted by John Stradano. To the four corners of the vault are represented Creation of the world, the creation and original sin, the Rating and universal hell.

Protected area of Monteferrato

The Center of Natural Sciences of Lawn can provide directions, maps and guides for visiting the protected area.
Natural Sciences Center - Via di Galceti, 74 - 59100 Tel PRATO. 0574/460503

As for the flora posssiamo Monteferrato on to say that there are many endemic plants as the "locus classicus" of many serpentinofite. Among these, the bertolonii Alyssum, the Thymus striatus, the Armory deticulata.
From the half of it was subjected to reforestation with Maritime Pine, while the findings are oaks, arbutus, fillirea and some samples of cork trees. As for the flora, forests are inhabited by herbivores such as Fallow deer, roe deer, deer and some Lepri. Instead the protected area are the real Allred, the green woodpecker, the fisherman Martin and Poiana.