Economy of Prato

The history of Prato has very distant origins, which date back even to pre-medieval period. Over the centuries Prato then was able to maintain and develop new skills fruit production, especially in areas of handicrafts and textiles.

Thanks to the strong industrialization, which occurred between 800 and 900, the turnover of factories Prato has experienced a sharp increase that matched the Maximum statement from the seventies of last century.

Prato has managed to become a real archetype in the textile and fashion, football first places in the European rankings, thanks mainly to the specialization of small firms and fashion houses in the city.

With the emergence of the phenomenon "fashion" at Mass, since the'70s, with increasing incomes and the revolution of morals, Prato knows the real boom, which lead to the province Tuscan great reputation.

From district to district wool textile textile fashion, Prato broadens their horizons and faces new process technologies. Thanks to this new way of working, Prato receives during the'70s strong demand, which will be able to respond in an exceptional manner, experimenting new techniques, new materials and new collections, thanks to a strong competitiveness and an undeniable creativity.

Although during the eighties Prato textile industry suffers a downturn, with the 90s the situation takes a decisive, counting on a strong development of the tertiary sector and diversification of production experience in the fields alongside the textile industry, as for example, the textile machinery.

With the new millennium, however, things were changing, just think about that 2001 because of the vacuum of demand and the fall of the dollar against the euro, the situation of textile Prato has experienced a sharp collapse.

The causes lie in the structural factors such as international integration increasingly intense and increasingly enhanced role of networks and distribution of marks, made it plain that the Prato textile industry has undergone a major downsizing in terms of business , Turnover, and export value added.

Economics and Labor in Prato, the textile industry