Holidays in Vaiano

Established in 1949, once the autonomy to it from Prato, Vaiano today is a town in the province that boasts about 9800 inhabitants. Located in the Valley of Bisenzio, together with its fractions, offers tourists a holiday art, religion and nature.

Fractions: Fabio, Faltugnano, Gamberame, Grisciavola, La Briglia, La Cartaio, The Forest, The Tignamica, Popiglio, Schignano, Sofignano
Name inhabitants Vaianesi
Patron saint: San Salvatore

A bit of history ...

The story of Vaiano is linked in particular to that of Prato. The real key lies in 'Abbey of San Salvatore, founded in 1070 by Benedictine monks, which has always been an important point regarding the lines of communication with the Val di Bisenzio.
Vaiano has known over the years a strong economic development mainly derived from the exploitation of water for mills, Gualco and hammers.
After the Second World War thanks to the work of citizens, Vaiano managed to restore economic order and has seen a significant demographic boom

To visit ...

Badia di San Salvatore

The facade is alberese, with a portal dichromate. The big bell is a prime example of Romanesque style Prato. Inside the church are preserved magnificent works as the Virgin and Child with St. Francis, Orazio Fidan and the Madonna and Child with Saints John Mary Butteri.
To the right of the church are the ancient abbey, and in the south is the Museum of Badia, collecting furnishings and testimonies of the holy city.

A tour around ...

Important summer holiday, Schignano offers many tourists who arrive each year, an ideal climate, landscape views and artistic riches.
Tourists on holiday in Schignano will visit the Church of San Martino, where he kept a painting by San Martino and the poor, the first half of the'700. Going beyond Bisenzio, tourists will meet Gabolana, a small town famous for its mills.

A little farther on Sofignano, we find many examples of settlements dating back to Roman times and the medieval period, the tourist can visit the impressive Casa Black Origin century.