Holidays in Carmignano

Carmignano is a town of about 13,200 inhabitants of the province of Prato, known especially for archaeological finds and different to the hills from which comes the eponymous wine, Carmignano DOCG.

Fractions: Artimino, Comeana, S. Cristina a Mezzana, S. Cristina in Pilli, La Serra, Poggio alla Malva, Seano
Name inhabitants Carmignanesi
Holy Patron: San Michele Arcangelo
Day holiday: Sept. 29

Un po 'di history ...

Tourists who decide to spend summer in Carmignano is undoubtedly a lover of history, culture and good food. History confirms that the first human settlements in the municipality will have dall'era since the Palaeolithic, although the findings will have more starting from the Etruscan, so Artimo particular.
We have many information regarding the Roman era but without a doubt we can say that in the Middle Ages, though much disputed, the city could build its own common and distinguished in the field of agriculture and trade. The current center historical lies at the foot of the castle, which dates back to 600 and every year the town celebrates its patron saint, Sept. 29, with the ancient tradition of the Palio dei Ciuc, with parades and floats.

Carmignano is now a real center of artistic and historical research, to the great concentration of archaeological sites and is now also important in terms of viticulture, produces the namesake wine, protected Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed.

Attractions ...

Parish of Saint Michael and Saint Francis

First was built around 1330, the convent Franciscan then demolished after this, in 1782 was transferred into the parish church of San Michele. Inside the visitor can admire the famous Pontorno and Visitation of Our Lady of the Rosary and Santi di Cosimo Lotti. The high hand is a magnificent wooden crucifix.

Necropolis and mounds of Montefortino and Boschetti

Undisputed center with regard to archaeological finds, Carmignano retains two mounds that returned interesting: Items in gold and ivory design, weapons of iron and beautiful jewelry in gold and bronze. All the artefacts found in burial mounds are visible in the Archaeological Museum of Artimo.

Archaeological Areas of Paggeria and Pietramarina

Represent two archaeological sites of extraordinary importance that we witnessed so clear and detailed the large presence Etruscan population. Thanks to these excavations have revealed the uses, customs, tools and techniques adopted in defense, especially in the Pietramarina were highlighted various masonry structures, large-scale projects. Tourists can admire all the exhibits at the Archaeological Museum of Artimo.

Museums ...

Archaeological Museum Etrusco

Currently located in the basement of Villa Medici, but the intention is to move into rooms of the castle of Artima, once completed the restructuring. Inside you can admire the different findings, especially the Etruscan era, found in the neighboring archaeological excavations.
The Museum offers tourists the chance to organize:
- Walking archeological
- Guided tours by appointment;

Also participating in the project's Socrates ? European Community Museums and Adult Education ?.

The Museum of Vine and Wine

Important wine center, Carmignano collects all its traditions at the museum dedicated to the Medici Strada dei Vini di Carmignano, proposing, as well as a museum tour, a visit to the farms and churches in the area, to know and learn the techniques and the types of grapes .

Inside the museum is holding the collection of wines Federigo Melis, a great connoisseur of many wines from all over Europe. In most tourists will be given a card that marks the roads of regional and local wine, to make sure your navigation of with good wine and good food!