The Museums of Prato

On holiday visit museums of Prato, between ancient art and contemporary art!

Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci "

Founded in 1988 designed by the Italo Gamberini, in memory of the son of Industrial Enrico Pecci, the museum is now one of the points of reference more on contemporary art.
The museum includes exhibition halls, side exhibition space, the center of Information and Documentation (CID / visual arts) with the library specializes in contemporary art, the auditorium, a conference room, bar, outdoor theater, garden enriched by important sculptures and the exhibition room of the Permanent Collection.

Also over the years has hosted exhibitions of some of the most important artists of international renown as Enzo Cucchi, Julian Schnabel, Mario Merz, Vito Acconci, Gilberto Zorio, Jan Fabre, Marco Bagnoli, Remo Salvadori, Costas Tsoclis, Mimmo Paladino and others.

Piazza del Duomo, 49 - 59100 Prato Tel: 0574 29339

The Museum of Textiles

Born in 1975 following a donation collector Loriano Bertini (over 600 pieces). The museum is located in the sphere of restored "Cimatori Campolmi and Leopoldo C." and the whole architectural complex is composed of a quadrilateral developed around a rectangular courtyard.
It offers an interesting path museum that includes collections of antique fabrics and a section of contemporary textiles. In most machines are also kept tools and preparation to weaving.

Via Santa Chiara 24 - 59100 Prato Tel: 0574 611503

Museum Park Fifth Martini "

Opened in 1988, the park is located in the picturesque setting of the hills of Carmignano and consists of 36 bronze structures built between 1931 and 1988.
Via Pistoiese -- 59,011 Seano (Po) Tel: 055 8750232

Natural Sciences Center

Inside the museum and park, there are wild animals that come to the Center or injured are being treated malati.Una time set free, even if many choose to stay in the park.

Here are the testimonies and findings that confirm the presence of human sin dall'era Palaeolithic and other remains belonging to the Etruscans.

Museum of Planetarie

Posted in barracks Fire, the complex is also the headquarters of Prato Research Foundation. Within a museum tour offers multimedia with video, pictures, diagrams and texts focused on issues encountered in the exhibition.
In the "quadrisfera", one can observe a multiproiezione that tells, with evocative sounds and images, events in the universe and the formation of the Solar System until birth of life on our planet.

Via Galcianese, 20 / h - 59100 Prato Tel: 0574 44771