Chinese immigration

Prato economic growth following the Second World War, has generated a strong demand for labor and product at the same time, various employment opportunities, so large that it can not be met by only resident population.

So we went gradually expanding flow of immigration from southern Italy, at first, then from abroad, which made Prato one of the most urbanized of Tuscany.

The highest flow of immigration is what the 90s onwards saw the settling in Prato's Chinese community, who have not taken, by now, the position of employees, as in the case of North African or Pakistan, but it went to build a fabric of small businesses in the area of knitwear and ready fashion pack.

These small companies have taken their predominantly and compatriots have shown a tendency to acquire third party companies over the packaging and delivery.

This has made it plain that it has failed to create a parallel communities that took office in Prato with real places and activities, all strictly in order.

Some data show that in early 2007 were active inprese with about 3,200 Chinese holders, regularly entered the Chamber of Commerce of Prato.

Economics and Labor in Prato, the textile industry