Ancient Art in Prato

Lawn, as well as Florence, can be considered real art city. Especially in Prato, when it comes to art, it refers not only to painting, sculpture and the great names of history, but in particular trades, typical of the place, which were handed down for years, from ancient to the shops day.

Art of Wool

E 'considered the most important art of the city summit which were even four Consoli, who from time to time the major functions entrusted Common utilities.

Art of Calzolai

The craftsmen gathered in the Society of Innocents, which was dedicated to St. Paul and as a result of Saints Philip and Jacob. Later they began to gather in the church of San Giovanni Rotondo in front of Pieve.

Art of carpenter

This is one of Arts Minor. Alongside the Provveditori four roads, the Podest? poses a master carpenter and a stone, that led the judges to record their visits and monitor the operation of buildings and on the functioning of roads.

Arte dei Fabbri

Included start, Lucernai, Rama and other artisans; The protector of Art was San Lo, or St. Alo, and were using their holiday on June 25 in the Compagnia di San Novero and San Bartolomeo at the Convento del Carmine.

Art of Pizzicagnoli

It formed part of the sellers civaie, pottery, glass, erbaggi, salt, coal, and the pesciaioli POLLAIOLO.

Art of Beccai

The symbol of this' art was the beak, a sign by which were also marked the meat from the slaughterhouse. Art were combined and two consuls were to meet a series of strict rules of succession from father to son, to keep alive the art.

Arte dei Giudici e Notari

The place where you meet people who were part of this art was the church of San Donato and the prize that was given had a frieze in foliage and a special badge.